Dynamic Workshop for Trainers

One Client Had 900% Increase In Students’ Learning Retention After Implementing Our Train the Trainer Strategies

If you follow our 9 simple steps to developing and delivering powerful and highly effective training sessions, you can expect the following:

  • Superior learning results—guaranteed
  • Faster learning cycle with far higher comprehension—immediately!
  • Less errors and misunderstandings in the workplace after training
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Improved job performance
  • A boost in employee self-confidence
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • More satisfied internal “customers”
  • Far less resistance and objections to training
  • More cohesive employee team
  • Significant increased ROI on training efforts

One client experienced a 900% improvement in learning retention by implementing the 9 steps that we cover in our Train the Trainer course.

Prior to taking our course, his participants typically walked away with less than 10% retention of the material he covered in his classes. Results dramatically changed after he returned to work and implemented our strategies. He wrote us to explain what happened:

“Taking the Train the Trainer program created a paradigm shift for me in how I approach all of my training sessions, whether live or online. It truly is the most effective way to provide training.

After holding 6 different webinars and providing lots and lots of documentation on a new feature that was being rolled out, we were still getting the same basic questions over and over from clients on the new feature. They were just not getting it and I know now this is due to what we were providing was just a data dump.

So I put together three targeted Webex based training sessions, using the AL 9 step design process. It turns out that each of the three sessions was very successful. I ran a poll and a quiz in each one of the sessions.

The first session’s poll results showed that 74% found the class useful and 81% now understood the feature.

The second session had even better results. 89% found the class useful and 95% indicated they understood how to use the feature.

The third session had a much smaller class size, but 100% found the class useful and 100% now understood the feature.

To say the least my managers are very happy and I was able to immediately show them the value to my having taken your level one class.”

—Hesh Shorey, Manager of Training and Development, Alegeus Technologies

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Our  clients range from Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to medium size and small businesses, government departments, and non-profit organization. Anyone who trains will stand to benefit immensely from the knowledge and practical skill-building techniques we provide in our onsite workshops and public seminars.