Train the Trainer Classes

Graduates of our Train the Trainer class frequently describe it as different, unique, unusual, unexpected, and mind-blowing. They often say it was beyond anything they could have imagined. When we first speak to a potential client, we do our best to convey the experience their participants will have in the class, and what to anticipate.

But words fall short of the mark. Only being there in person and experiencing our unique angle on the Accelerated Learning methodology will give the program justice. It will impart a complete understanding of the dynamic, multi-faceted approach to training that for many, even experienced trainers, is a new discovery.

We differentiate ourselves from other providers of Train the Trainer classes in the following ways:

The unique methodology: Yes, Accelerated Learning has been around for decades, but how we do things is different. We’ve adapted and orchestrated techniques and strategies to create powerful adult learning experiences suited for a corporate and professional audience.

Outstanding instructor: This is an important factor for a successful training event. Your instructor must possess exceptional training, presentation, and facilitation skills. Not good, not great, but exceptional.

The training environment: We prepare a colorful, visually stimulating, exciting and fun training environment, be it in a off-site facility or at your location.

Activities not for activities sake: The big talk is learner engagement and activities. Unfortunately, they often fall flat or do not produce the desired results. There’s a reason for that. We explain why. And we show exactly how and when to use activities and interactivity to super-charge a training on any topic.

Owning the experience: When your participants have attended our train the trainer class, they will “own” the experience. The information will have become part of their identity as trainers. Once you experience this first-hand, you will fully understand what we mean!



“Every minute was exciting! In-depth, led-by-example ways to train others using brain research, activities, appropriate materials, and environment to maximize retention and learning. I love the class manual and can’t wait to create my own interactive workbook.”
- D. Wells (rated course a 10 on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the maximum score)

“The training class offers both practical knowledge and approaches while being motivating, inspirational, and achievable for the participants. One of the best trainings I have attended.”
- L. Frankel

The course workbook is a great tool and it’s short and easy to follow.”
- J. Carr

“Great collaboration in the group. Great trainer and training environment. Interactive, informative, interesting and fun. Very safe, supportive learning environment. Even the ‘wall flowers’ were energized. The workbook is easy to navigate and use—will be a useful tool.”
- S. Howell

I enjoyed the enthusiasm from the instructor, participation level from all, and the takeaways. Very informative, enlightening, and a breath of fresh air.”
- M. Snead

I enjoyed everything from room set-up, to tone, content, and the graduation. A must-have for improving training, meetings, building self-confidence, developing positive & professional relationships, and expanding knowledge in general to name a few. Thanks Donna, you were absolutely great!”
- C. Williams

“Will change your perspective on training.”
- P. Larkins (rated course a 10 on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the maximum score)

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