Client Testimonials

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"Every staff member incorporated strategies and tools you taught into their next training class and continue to do so. Classes are much more interactive and engaging. And the payoff…we have had fantastic feedback from the program staff that we provide training to and they look forward to attending our training classes. In addition, I’ve received complimentary feedback from upper level managers who have walked by the training room, heard the laughter and enthusiasm coming from the room, and, out of curiosity, couldn’t help but join in the class for a while.

In closing, I just want to say that supporting my staff’s participation in your Train the Trainer class is one of the best investments in our employees that our agency has made and all program staff continues to reap the benefits. It has definitely been worth every penny!"

- Patsy J. Westcott, UI Program Coordinator

“Twenty staff members participated in Donna’s program, and our primary goal was to learn, and then implement, strategies to maximize the transfer of knowledge to our program participants. It would be an understatement to say that we met the goal, for the program far exceeded our expectations. Each of our trainers left the session with ideas and plans to incorporate what they learned from Donna.

She used her fun, high-energy sessions to demonstrate the strategy being addressed, and built in opportunities for us to try new ideas and approaches in a safe, non-judgmental environment. I highly recommend Donna if you need to introduce effective strategies to increase retention for your programs.”

- Jonathan Kipp, Operations Manager,
NH Public Risk Management Exchange

“Work is accomplished through intense collaboration between course developers (I didn't think others would understand what we mean by course owner) and Training for Excellence professionals, resulting in a vibrant, engaging learning experience.  Course developers and subject matter experts understand and are able to communicate with participants with new confidence and clarity.

Participant feedback has let us know that our new course hits the mark in new and exciting ways. We are looking forward to more successful collaboration with Training for Excellence.”

- Janet Ellison, Managing Partner, IPSolutions Inc.

“With great pleasure I recommend the training provided by Donna Indira and Training for Excellence! She custom tailored the training to emphasize areas of needed development for my team.
So often the culture within this organization is training via power point for everything and Donna was able to demonstrate that learning is truly an active process and engaging with learners will make the learning more impactful, leaving the audience hungry for more! She practices what she preaches.”

- Tamara DeShazo, Former Director, WellMed Medical Management

"I've taken other courses for trainers like ‘25 creative ways to add excitement to your training’ but they just showed us how to add fun for fun's sake. Being a technical trainer that didn't make much sense to me.

But you showed us why we need to add fun to our training, what effects it has on learning and how to do it right. Thanks for blending theory with practice in such a meaningful way."

- Klaus Heislitz, MBS Systems Trainer

“Donna was chosen over many candidates for her knowledge of adult learning, outstanding presentation skills and most importantly her ability to demonstrate adult learning principles. She used cutting-edge learning theories, and activities that demonstrated those theories, which made the workshop a huge success.

We now have a staff of L& D Associates who can facilitate a consistent learning experience. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this training. It was clearly time and money well-spent.”

- Steven Neifeld, Training Manager, Foresters


Team Testimonials


clientCLIENT: Primex

“Many helpful skills were effectively taught. Instructor was exceptional.”

“Opportunities to try what we learned in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.”

“I was concerned that it would not be possible to train us instructors, but the trainer was amazing:) Activities and resources provided to encourage and allow us to change both immediate and long-term.”

“It is an eye-opening course and it will tech you how to be a better presenter by providing you with specific tools to reach all learners in the audience. Everything was useful—workbook, group exercises, lecture pieces—they all worked exceptionally well together. Donna was a fabulous trainer

“A valuable course even for the most experienced trainers. The workbook is very well written and will be an excellent resource for future program development”

“A journey from our left-brain training culture to a more informed and empowered right-brain team that has tools and encouragement, plus addresses the needs of adult learners.”

clientCLIENT: MBS Systems

I thought the Train the Trainer session was very enlightening. It opened our eyes to many different training techniques that we weren't currently employing and therefore, most likely not getting the highest retention rate out of our customers.

With some skepticism, I filled out the questionnaire regarding the "Training For Excellence" course I was going to attend. I did not believe Donna would be able to provide me with anything applicable for the technical training I do.

Was I wrong! I learned many things that are very important to my training processes. Sometimes saying nothing to your student is better than droning on and on about what you are trying to impart to them. I learned to help my students ACTIVELY listen to what I was saying. From the energizers, to "chunking", and using games, Donna really created an enthusiasm in me to do a better job for my employer and my students.

"I've studied many of the same topics you are sharing with us at the University while studying Education—but it never sunk in because it was all lecture and no experience. This course teaches you the material while you experience it first hand. I literally went through a paradigm shift as I saw my role in training go from that of a teacher to that of an administrator of information. I can't wait for level 2!"

clientCLIENT: Wellmed Medical Group

“You will learn how to be a better trainer, speaker, and presenter. The way you’ve done things in the past was wrong, and that is why you keep getting the same result.”

“Excellent training course for learning effective techniques to train/teach/educate and get buy-in.”

“It was like no other training I have ever attended—fun, new, engaging!”