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Are you looking to attend a Train the Trainer workshop that shows you exactly how to design and deliver superb training sessions that people will literally get in line to attend?

See It Modeled

Do you value learning from a master trainer and facilitator who models and demonstrates the strategies and techniques, making it easy for you to implement?

Make It Participant-

Want to discover the true power of participant-centered training and how it can quickly transform learning both in the classroom and online?

Discover Neuroscience
Based Learning

Are you interested in learning practical applications of research in neuroscience, learning styles and more that catapults your training to a whole new level?

Experience It
For Yourself
Is it important to you that the training is hands-on,
interactive, and collaborative, with real-world relevancy?


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7 Additional Reasons To Enroll


The   Advantage
1Get a fresh and unique
perspective on training.

We provide a multi-layered, involving, participant-centered learning experience in our workshops that lead to major shifts in perspective for new and seasoned trainers, and subject matter experts.

Whether you’re just starting out or have a PhD in training and development, you’re likely to have many aha moments in this Train the Trainer course, as “theory” becomes “practice” in ways you may not have imagined.

“I am not one to be easily impressed, but this class was SUPER! It has really helped in more ways than I could imagine.”

“Vital for every trainer’s level of experience. No wasted time or money. It’s all excellent!”

“Highly recommended! This is the best training I have had in my civilian career.”

2Unearth the hidden genius in your learners.

When you know how to create a profoundly engaging and motivating learning process for your participants, their hidden genius naturally appears. It simply means that they start utilizing more of their brain.

We call it brain-based learning which is coined from the field of cognitive neuroscience. This is the secret to fast and effortless learning. You will learn and practice many brain-based techniques and strategies throughout the workshop that you can use right away with dramatic results.

“A fascinating program.”

“Awesome, exhilarating and a must-see.”

“Most brilliant and a MUST for every trainer.

“I am sure that I am not the only team member to say……WOW!! What a wonderful experience.”


3Discover the amazing power of social learning

Humans are naturally wired to learn best in a social environment. It’s how we learned to walk and talk. When you understand the key ingredients that help learners connect with the content, the trainer, the learning environment, and with each other in meaningful and varied ways, that’s when true MAGIC happens. It is when the training hits the “zone.”

And this is precisely what you will experience in our Train the Trainer program. You can read about it in a book, or you can experience it first-hand.

“Enter with an OPEN mind & prepare for a learning experience!”

“Seamless. Everything just flowed.”

Energetic, refreshing and insightful.”

“A must-course to change your attitude towards training. Our group was transformed. Wonderful!”


4Skip a big, bloated manual

We won’t throw a big student manual in front of you, hoping that you will read through it later. It rarely happens. You’ll get a laser-focused, interactive, and brain-compatible workbook that’s integrated with the training program.

The workbook is easy to read and refer to afterwards, and reinforces all the information covered in class. This is all you need to transform your training sessions.

“The course workbook is an extremely valuable asset which I will use for years to come. I love the format and interactive nature of the workbook.”

“Complemented the trainer’s focus and is an excellent resource.”

“The workbook is concise and an effective complement to the live presentation.”

“Great tool and will regularly reference these materials.”

5Apply what you’ve learned
and reap the rewards

You will never go back to your old ways once you’ve taken this class. Your perspective will permanently change and it will positively impact your training programs. Past participants frequently share with us their amazing results, even years later.

Our interactive trainer courses are designed to make the transition from old habits to new behavioral skills easy and effortless. Why make it hard when it can be easy?

“I have applied my learnings in my latest programs and the result is a ‘miracle’… retention of information is very high now!”

“I can’t believe it has been 4 months and I still remember and use 90% of your techniques….effectively and with a lot of laughs!”


6Feel energized

During the workshop, you will wonder where the day went, and how you can possibly feel so energized after a full day of training. After day 1, you’ll actually look forward to day 2. And isn’t that the kind of experience you want to create for your own learners?

“Where’s the day gone? I can’t wait for day 2!”

I can’t believe it’s the end of the day and I feel so energized.”


7Learn from a Master
Trainer and Facilitator

Your Master Trainer/Facilitator is supremely skilled in her ability to model leading edge adult learning principles, build a high energy rapport with participants, and “work” the classroom to make magic happen.

And this is critical—you will observe and drink in how she masterfully orchestrates the training so that you can return to work and do the same using your own content.


“Donna’s in-depth understanding and skills are totally liberating and empowering.”

“She used cutting-edge learning theories, and activities that demonstrated those theories, which made the workshop a huge success.”

“The instructor delivers a fascinating program… Her fresh ideas can enhance individual communication skills at all levels of the organization.”

“Donna was able to demonstrate that learning is truly an active process and engaging with learners will make the learning more impactful, leaving the audience hungry for more! She practices what she preaches.”

“I chose Donna from a long list of other potential trainers based on her passion and extensive knowledge of accelerated learning. Donna and the course exceeded all of my expectations! I was hoping to take my small team of professional trainers to the next level and that is exactly what happened!”

See workshop schedule and details for our upcoming, non-mass-produced, one-of-a-kind Train the Trainer course.