Presentations That Spark The Mind

T4E’s unique presentation skills course, Multisensory Presentations that Stick, is NOT a bag of tricks that will produce mediocre results, or a set of run-of-the-mill presentation techniques that you can pick up at any number of presentation skills seminars.

Yes, we do cover basic presentation skills and the commonly accepted principles of good presentation habits that will help you improve in areas such as:

  • Structuring a Presentation
  • Voice & Body Language
  • Using Media Effectively


“Thank you for an effective Presentation Skills Workshop. Your preparation and presentation was very professional and upbeat. All participants gained knowledge from the day and they all walked away excited to use their new skills. You modified the workshop to fit our business routines, which made the workshop better than others we have attended in the past. The video session was powerful and all benefited from the entire session.”

- Eric Trett, KFC Region Coach, Las Vegas
  • Handling Difficult Participants
  • Fielding Questions
  • Taming Nervousness



We also help you put a little “magic” in your presentations making them stimulating and memorable…


You will discover the magic ingredients in our presentations skills course:

  • Employ powerful, brain-compatible presentation strategies based in cognitive neuroscience. Comprehension and retention of information will go through the roof.
  • Stimulate and direct participants’ emotions, open their receptivity, get them focused on the topic and aligned with your purpose and intention.
  • Introduce physical and mental energizers. What to do and when to do it.
  • Engage the audience in multiple ways to raise the energy level in the room, improve the learning about your topic, and encourage motivation to act on the information.
“I am a communications expert. My success in business depends on my ability to communicate effectively – to sell myself and my ideas – such that clients are willing to commit significant budgets to implementing the programs my organizations suggests and then develops.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a training course conducted by Donna. Unequivocally, I came away from that session with an enhanced set of skills that I have been able to readily apply, as a trainer, presenter, and as a business executive selling communications programs within the pharmaceutical industry.

I highly recommend Donna and her approach to accelerated learning to anyone who wishes to increase her/his effectiveness as a communicator. The lessons learned are easily incorporated into formal presentation, as well as routine business meetings and discussions.”

- Barry Bauling, President, Advanced Therapeutics Group, New York


Take Your Presentations To A Whole
New Level

  multi-sensory presentation strategies take the traditional concept of “presenting” to a whole new level. The training is highly interactive and hands-on with tangible takeaways.

You’ll discover common mistakes presenters make that leave people confused and bored, and lead to unproductive meetings and wasted time.

You’ll also learn how to build strong front-of-the-room presence through various exercises, vocal techniques and convincing body language. Expect instant results with these powerful techniques.

Whether you’re presenting to one person or a group of a hundred, you’ll learn how to deliver your presentation with impact, engage your audience on many levels, and leave them wanting more.


pdfDownload our printable Presentation Skills
training course topic outline.




Private Presentation Skills Coaching

We also offer one-on-one presentation skills training and coaching for speakers, subject matter experts and training professionals, over the phone, and in person.

Clients have found these consulting services extremely valuable in enhancing their personal skill sets and business presentations.

You will learn how to:

  • use powerful vocal warm-ups to literally transform your voice in 5 minutes (the effect is immediately noticeable)
  • get buy-in at the beginning of the presentation
  • overcome nervousness and jitters
  • build a strong speaking persona
  • discover your own unique style
  • develop healthy speaking habits
  • get your audience engaged in your presentation
  • kindle interest and enthusiasm
  • make situational humor your ally
  • develop effective listening skills
  • use visual aids that sizzle
  • deal with difficult participants the right way


Support Materials and
PowerPoint Development

In addition to helping you polish and refine your presentation skills, we also consult with you regarding developing brain-friendly presentation materials that support your message.

Many clients hire us to develop their PowerPoint slides, workbooks, handouts, facilitator guides, learning kits, and other support materials. Our creative layouts and visual “language” will keep your audience riveted.

Contact us for more information about our consulting services, or to discuss an onsite Presentation Skills course.