Escape Death-by-PowerPoint
Oh, the dreaded PowerPoint. We’ve all had to sit through meetings, presentations and trainings that rely too heavily on PowerPoint. Even a one-hour presentation can be exhausting, let alone a multi-day training.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Instructors are heavily relying on PowerPoint for delivering their materials and believe the slide deck IS the presentation.
  • PowerPoint presentations are merely data-dumps and contain far too much information and details.
  • PowerPoint slides are text heavy, congested, and generally “boring.”
  • Graphics, if at all used, are not relevant or do not effectively reinforce the key points.
  • Content is not logically laid out and sequentially organized.
  • PowerPoint presentations are lecture-based and fail to incorporate interactive learning components.




approach to PowerPoint design helps you create highly effective presentations that spark the mind and deliver the content in ways you may not have imagined.

We show you how to make the learning stick, so you never give a boring or forgettable PowerPoint again.



hlpHow We Can Help
Whether you have a short presentation, or an extended training with numerous PowerPoint decks, there are several ways that we can assist you to create high-impact slideshows. Our team can:

  • Collaborate with the person responsible for the presentation/training development and offer guidance
    and support via phone, email, and slide sharing applications.
  • Design new PowerPoint slides or give existing ones a brain-friendly makeover.
  • Provide targeted feedback on existing presentations.
  • Provide one-on-one PowerPoint training and coaching on how to create compelling, effective, and
    brain-stimulating slides.

In a nutshell, our PowerPoint design services will transform not only your slides, but your entire presentation, and the results will be immediate and impactful. Contact us to discuss how we can help.