Nearly 50% of seasoned
professionals retire within 10 years

Need to produce more with smaller
and less experienced workforce


Increasingly stringent
regulatory standards

Unprecedented growth in
unconventional oil and gas

Project delays due to
staffing difficulties

Increase in attrition rates

Salary inflation

Loss of competitive advantage






Turn Senior Employees Into
Effective Trainers And Coaches

“High-growth companies tend to have a faster recruitment process; they frequently employ retired staff on a consultancy basis to serve as mentors, coaches or experts; they typically have fewer barriers to promotion; and training is more often on the job than in classrooms.”







“How To Provide Effective
On-The-Job Training & Coaching”

This dynamic course will transform your senior operators, supervisors, and specialists into capable and competent coaches and trainers who have the tools and skills to safely “fast-track” new hires and mid-career employees.

This is a 2-day course for employees who conduct training and coaching in your organization. We offer private, onsite courses, as well as public courses.

Sample topics covered:

  • Characteristics of a Good Coach
  • The Effective Coaching Formula
  • Steps to Successful Coaching
  • Establishing a Relationship
  • Asking Good Questions
  • Giving Feedback
  • Effective Assessment
Additional topics aimed at increasing comprehension and retention:

  • Opening and Closing Training Sessions
  • Listening Skills and Fielding Questions
  • 4 Step Presentation Formula
  • Adapting to Different Learning Styles
  • Handling Difficult Trainees
  • How to Make the Learning Stick


pdfDownload our printable On-The-Job
Training course information sheet


Public Course

Visit the registration page to enroll in a public seminar. Early bird and group discounts are available.

onsite Course

Contact us for a proposal to conduct one or more skill-building training sessions at your location.

Ongoing Courses

We can roll out this program to all your senior employees in the field to achieve consistent and long-lasting results for your organization. Contact us for a proposal. See more information below.

Interested in rolling out a
company-wide training program
for your senior operators?

customWe partner with you to meet or
exceed your expectations.
We are invested in and committed
to your success.

  • We schedule an interview to assess the scope of your needs, followed by a detailed proposal with pricing.
  • Typically, a client wants to run a pilot course with key players before committing to a broader rollout of the training.
  • Following the pilot, we make any needed adjustments based on feedback from participants and management.
  • After each course, we review all feedback and discuss it with the training coordinator to ensure maximum value is achieved.
  • Follow-up sessions and coaching with select groups or individual participants may also be part of the training strategy.



Would you recommend T4E’s On-the-Job Training
course to other senior operators?

“Yes, yes, yes! Easy to follow, interesting, and training that can easily be implemented.”

“Eye-opening and a change to the way we approach and facilitate training.”
“We weren’t sitting around and being talked at for 3 days. The course gives you real-world, practical strategies to apply to job and day-to-day life that will improve presentations, training, and overall communication.”
“It was fun and enlightening. I think more trainers need this course.”
“Absolutely!! Not one person would not benefit from this course. From managers to operators. One of the most beneficial courses I’ve taken.”

“Very informative and diverse course that has a lot of key strategies and techniques that can be used in a lot of different job scenarios.”

“The course makes you think outside the box.”

“Definitely. Everyone can use it. Engaging. Not a sleeper course.”

“Blown away on all the different ways to train. Everything in this class is awesome!”

“Team effort. Everyone was involved. Very interesting, informative, and mind changing.”

“Information was exceptionally useful in all areas. The course flows at just the right rate of speed. Instructor was very knowledgeable and professional”
“It was insightful and fun. I have retained a lot of information thus far and my skills as a trainer will benefit.”

“Eye-opening and enlightening. Gets students to embrace more action oriented presentations.”
“Wow! All of it was useful. It opens your mind to other ways of doing things.”
“The best training class so far, it was not dry or boring. Very easy to learn.”
“Compared to all the other training courses I have had recently, it was much more interesting. It’s easy to follow and taught me to retain more information.”
“Gives me a framework for delivering training that guys will remember.”

“I enjoyed how the instructor was able to get 100% participation from all attendees.”

“This course is the best course ever for myself. Fun, full of energy, and an awesome instructor. Like watching a black and white TV and then watching a colored plasma.”

“It was mentally stimulating, thought-provoking, and challenges how I instruct now and in the future.”

“I enjoyed the participation by everyone. The course instructor created an energized environment. The course was completely different than any others I have attended.”

“Expert instruction in how people learn and how to provide the best learning experience/environment.”

“Entertaining, fun, and informative. The course teaches techniques that may not be altogether new, but puts them in a new light. It gives you something to work with that is actually doable. I especially like how everything was put together and how the information rolled.”

“A different approach to giving training and delivering messages in an interactive, participant-focused way.

- Recent oil industry clients
Why Training And Coaching Is Critical To Success

The oil and gas industry is faced with the challenge of having to “fast-track” new talent in a safe manner to replace a retiring workforce. The shortage of an experienced talent pool could lead to project delays, reduction in performance, more accidents, salary inflation, and loss of competitive advantage.


One answer is mentorship, coaching, and training in the field…

But people are rarely naturally gifted trainers or coaches. Training and mentoring a new talent force requires communication skills and coaching tools tailored for that generation. New, cutting-edge training strategies must be acquired. And using simple tools to measure learning is essential.
Let us help you stay ahead of the curve. Tackle the Big Crew Change by arming your senior people with 21st century must-have skills in training and coaching.