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Are you looking for a dynamic Train the Trainer workshop that can help your team of trainers or subject matter experts deliver outstanding, results-driven training?

Get More Than You
Bargained For

Is it important that the instructor you choose to deliver the workshop has a track record of exceeding client expectations—every time?

Make It Participant-

Do you value a training course that will inspire and motivate your team to design and deliver highly effective learner-centered training sessions for years to come?

Discover Neuroscience
Based Learning

Are you interested in learning practical applications of research in neuroscience, learning styles and more that catapults your training to a whole new level?

See It Modeled
Are you keen on working with a company that will actually MODEL leading-edge training strategies for your training team, rather than just talking and lecturing about them?


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7 Additional Reasons To Choose Our Train the Trainer Workshop


The   Advantage

You will learn from an international master trainer who has more than 15 years of experience across multiple industries, and who has received rave reviews world-wide. Her superb facilitation skills helps trainers easily integrate techniques and strategies into their own training with confidence and commitment.

“I chose Donna from a long list of other potential trainers based on her passion and extensive knowledge of accelerated learning. Donna and the course exceeded all of my expectations! I was hoping to take my small team of professional trainers to the next level and that is exactly what happened!”

- Alaska State Government

Some Train the Trainer companies offer a large array of specialized Trainer Training workshops, which can be overwhelming and confusing. In contrast, we offer one ultra-practical Train the Trainer workshop that covers all you need to know to conduct outstanding training.

“Donna’s training gave us a completely different starting point for effective communication… Her strategies work not only in the training settings we had requested, but in every aspect of professional communications. And, best of all, the learning skills are simple and easy to remember and quickly become second nature.”

- AlphaMed

No one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf approach. Your training program will be customized to your exact needs. We even customize the workbooks for you. The presentation of the workshop materials have been designed for ease-of-use and quick referencing after the class.

“I believe the key was the way Donna helped them understand the “why” behind these methods and the “WIIFM” as it applies to them as trainers. Donna also spent advance time interviewing me and truly customizing the program to our needs. That’s another big difference between this and prior programs…..and
it paid off big time

- Schindler Elevator Corp

We don’t just talk about participant-centered techniques and strategies. We model them and allow you to practice them. We live and breathe the principles of participant-centered training, and by the end of the workshop, so will you.

“She custom tailored the training to emphasize areas of needed development for my team.  So often the culture within this organization is training via power point for everything and Donna was able to demonstrate that learning is truly an active process and engaging with learners will make the learning more impactful, leaving the audience hungry for more!
She “practices what she preaches

- WellMed Medical Management

You won’t get a thick, bloated manual that will collect dust on your shelf. Instead, you’ll receive a lean, handy, easy-to-reference workbook that includes checklists, reference guides, templates and more that you’ll keep using long after the class.

“The course workbook is an extremely valuable asset which I will use for years to come. I love the format and interactive nature of the workbook.”

- A. Gerding

Many clients who attended other Train the Trainer and adult learning courses in the past have indicated that our program was overall the better value.

“I learned more practical skills in this 2-day training than I did in my 2-year certification training in Adult Learning”

- D. Ritchie, Corporate Trainer

“I look back at all the time wasted on other programs that I have attended…A “Certified” waste of time in comparison.”

- MBS Systems

ROI in training is hard to measure, but the proof is in the pudding. Many clients report outstanding results as they have started to implement the training strategies, in classrooms or online.

“Training for Excellence took our training to the next level and
we have implemented many of the techniques with great success
I would recommend them to any organization who values relevancy and impact in their training delivery.”

- Primex3

“Since implementing the Accelerated Learning methodology in my e-Learning classes I have been astounded by the positive feedback I received from students, as well as their confirmed understanding and retention of the materials presented.”

- Alegeus Technologies

pdfDownload the Train the Trainer course topic outline in PDF format.