Keynote Speaker

Donna Indira Garnvik is an international trainer and speaker who has delivered dynamic keynote speaker presentations to audiences on the topics of training, education, Accelerated Learning, and effective presentations.

Donna is a charismatic, unique, enthusiastic, and a superb keynote speaker. She knows how to build rapport with an audience, get them involved, create a fun experience, and provide educational “aha” moments that make a difference. Every participant will walk away from the event with tools, techniques, and skills they can readily apply both in their professional work and personal lives.

Donna is not the typical keynote presenter. Her style of presenting is infectious, upbeat, highly motivating, and energizing. Participants will NOT passively sit and listen to her speak for the duration of the keynote event. Attendees will be interacting with each other, up and moving around, and learning a lot in a short amount of time.

Participants at meetings and conferences typically express how they feel invigorated after her presentation. This is usually in sharp contrast to the rest of the conference program they have to sit through, and a fresh breath of air.

Every keynote speaker presentation event and motivational meeting is custom tailored for your audience & company, including content, length, and format. To engage Donna for your next event, contact us to set up a phone call and to discuss your needs.