How To Become A Corporate Trainer

Usually, a corporate trainer prior to becoming a trainer has had many years of experience working inside a corporation, getting familiar with the internal procedures and processes of how a company operates.

This direct experience provides insights, acumen, and an awareness that become valuable assets when getting positioned as a corporate trainer either in an internal training department or as an external independent consultant or vendor.

HOWEVER, we believe that even though prior corporate job experience is valuable, the individual quality, talent, and capability of a person who aspires to become a corporate trainer is far more important. And we will explain just why in a moment.

In essence, if you have a passion for training and teaching, a persona that lends itself for the profession, and a desire to develop and hone the skills needed, you can become a valuable resource for any organization that conducts training programs.


If you have sat through a training by an internal “expert” on a particular topic, chances are that you were less than impressed with the presentation. You were probably exposed to numerous PowerPoint slides and a long lecture, with minimal group interaction and opportunities to make meaning.

Even though subject matter expertise and knowledge is imperative, HOW the information is delivered is just as important. Just because someone has years of corporate experience does not automatically make them a good trainer. Great training skills is a mix of talent, study, practice, and the ability to “connect” with people.

We invite you consider taking one of our public train trainers classes as part of your educational path. One past participant said that she learned more in our 2-day corporate training program than she did in her 2-year adult learning certification training.