About Us

Donna-Indira Garnvik

The Lead Trainer

Donna Garnvik is an accomplished, dynamic, and client-driven training professional offering over 15 years of progressive experience in training, presentation skills, facilitation, and instructional design.

Donna is known for her outstanding ability to create dynamic, eye-opening, fun, highly interactive, transformative educational experiences that expertly blend cutting-edge theory with practice, while continually exceeding her clients highest expectations.

She holds a Master’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in accelerated learning, cognitive neuroscience, educational kinesiology, learning styles and multiple intelligences. Her broad portfolio includes clients from multi-national corporations to government departments and educational organizations around the world.

The Team

teamsTraining for Excellence (T4E) includes a team of learning and development professionals—experts in the areas of training & facilitation, instructional design, PowerPoint development, e-learning, and graphic design.


Our team members possess a deep understanding of our methodology and you can expect consistent application of the principles we model and teach in our courses in every aspect of our services. Our instructional design, e-learning development, graphic design, and PowerPoint design are aligned with the principles of participant-centered, brain-based training and learning.

The Company

logoTraining for Excellence (T4E) is a well-established, global training provider within the field of learning and development, using an innovative methodology to make learning easy, efficient and effective with any combination of training delivery methods.

Our aim is to offer complete solutions that achieve uniformity and consistency in all aspects of a client’s training program. Training delivery, program materials, and interactive learning media will speak the same brain-compatible, easy-to-assimilate “language” that enables learners to master information quickly and effortlessly.

Our commitment is to exceed client expectations and help course participants excel in what they do. We have provided training programs and consulting services for clients across the world in a wide range of industries. We’ve NEVER had a dissatisfied client.

Our goal is to transform learning in classrooms and online and set an example of outstanding training in every course we deliver. That’s why we use up-to-date research-based methodologies and techniques that produce immediate results for our clients. What we do and what we teach simply WORKS!