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On-site Train the Trainer

trainandtrainer   custom designed, on-site, certificate Train the Trainer course is a blend of cutting edge research, participant-centered hands-on learning, and results driven training strategies. New, seasoned, and even skeptical trainers will see training in a whole new light. Guaranteed.
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Public Train the Trainer

stickEnroll in this high-energy, out-of-the-box, yet “real world” practical Train the Trainer course and walk away with a paradigm-shift. This is a “must-have” course for both new and experienced trainers. Get a certificate in training.
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On-The-Job Training & Coaching Course
jobThe course will transform your senior operators, supervisors, and specialists into capable and competent coaches and trainers who have the tools and skills to safely “fast-track” new hires and mid-career employees.
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What clients say:

“This course was 3 days of vibrant, fun, interactive, whole-body/whole-mind learning! Based on neuroscience and research, yet accessible and easy to learn. This course will transform the way I design and deliver workshops!”
- Lisa Scott, Principal Coach, Executive Leap

  • Learners are suffering from information overload and “death by PowerPoint.”
  • It’s difficult to make learning “stick” resulting in poor transfer of skills and knowledge to the workplace.
  • Trainers want to engage learners but don’t know how.
  • Learners are primarily passive consumers of information leading to poor learning.
  • It’s hard to make dry, technical information interesting.
  • Subject matter experts are tasked with training, but have little or no background in training and facilitation.
  • Trainers don’t know how to make their online training interactive and learner-centered.
How We Can Help
We show you how to transition from traditional lecture-based, instructor-centered training where learners are mostly passive… 


…to a dynamic, participant- centered, multi-sensory learning format that engages learners on multiple levels and has been proven to dramatically accelerate learning and retention.

From cutting-edge research in cognitive neuroscience and learning styles, to practical applications in the training room, to our famous HOT TIPS, we help trainers get immediate results!

If your training team is in need of more liveliness, zest, passion, and energy, then our programs are for you.

If you have a group of talented, experienced trainers who are looking to take their training skills to the next level, look no further.

Our unique approach to training will infuse both learners and instructors with renewed energy and enthusiasm. As one participant said, “It must be experienced.”

Re-energize Your Team

“It has been 7 months since my team had the opportunity to attend and participate in your Train the Trainer class. My team came away from your workshop re-energized and excited about training, feelings that many of them hadn’t felt in a while. The enthusiasm is still going strong and instead of scrambling to get staff to conduct a training session, I have to narrow down the list of volunteers!”

- Alaska State Government

“Be prepared for the unexpected (but in a safe, open, friendly environment). The course will re-energize you as a Trainer and give you valuable, applicable tools and resources to immediately implement into your existing training modules.”

- Young Philanthropist Foundation

“I learned more valuable usable techniques in a very short time than ever.  The best part is, I put many of them to work right away and my sessions became better because of those techniques. I have new students, who have heard about some of the things I do in class, ask if we are going to be doing those same things in their class. This stuff is becoming legendary!”

- Corporate Training Professional


Training for Excellence has conducted corporate On-site Train the Trainer workshops for clients in a wide range of industries for the past 15 years. We have also worked with numerous government departments and non-profit organizations. We know for a fact that regardless of the training topic and industry, participant-centered training can have a powerful impact on the learning outcome if properly executed.

Implementing just 2-3 learner-centered strategies in your session will make a difference, and the effect can be immediate and extraordinary. This is the kind of feedback we get from our past clients, and we have continually reinforced this with new clients.


If you’re an independent training professional, an in-house trainer, or a Subject Matter Expert who is training part-time, you will find our Public Train the Trainer courses extremely helpful in taking your skills to the next level. You will learn how to orchestrate a dynamic, interactive training environment in which learners can truly shine, have fun, and learn at an accelerated pace.


Not only will you learn cutting edge adult learning strategies, but also how the brain processes information, how to activate different parts of the brain, and how to deliver information and create meaningful activities that have proven to be effective in the field of cognitive neuroscience. In the Train the Trainer program, we go beyond adult learning theory and best practices, to explore, discover, and put into practical application advanced instructional strategies that yield phenomenal results. And best of all, these strategies are easy to incorporate into your training sessions.


“The instructor had the ability to train us trainers…I was concerned it would not be possible, but the trainer was amazing. The class was based in theory, with real world application, participant-centered, and modeling accelerated learning.”
- C. Kilmister

“Fun, exciting, enlightening.”
- T. Derver

“I enjoyed learning new techniques and having a clear picture of how adult learning can be accomplished more effectively. A valuable course even for the most Experienced Trainers. The workbook is very well written and will be an excellent resource for future program development.”
- P. St. Cyr


Additionally, we have discovered a need among our clients for a workplace training program with a focus specifically on training and coaching employees in the field. The title of the program is “How To Provide Effective On-the-Job Coaching and Training.” The course curriculum is a savvy combination of how to conduct competent one-on-one training and employ proven coaching techniques, that together significantly enhance coach/learner communication, capabilities, and job performance.


For those who mostly do shorter presentations, rely on PowerPoint to communicate their message, and have a lot of information to cram into a brief time slot, we have good news. Attend our Presentation Skills course and learn not only sound, proven presentation strategies, but discover multi-sensory, brain-based presentation techniques that will make your presentations “sing.”


If you need help with your PowerPoint presentations, we also offer PowerPoint design services as stand-alone consulting sessions, or they can be combined with our presentation skills coaching sessions. We will help you transform your current PowerPoint slides to a brain-friendly and visually stimulating format that is guaranteed to produce desired results.


Training managers and training directors who have attended our seminars sometimes look to us for instructional design consulting to ease the transition of incorporating Accelerated Learning into new or existing in-house training programs. We typically work in collaboration with subject matter experts and front-line trainers to develop and redesign the most important materials. After some time, our collaborators gain enough experience with the methodology and can continue the work independent of us. In the instructional design process, we cover information such as: Blooms taxonomy, Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation, creating learning objectives, needs assessments, and building out curriculum planning sheets.


Are you an independent trainer? Or is it just you and maybe one other person in your organization looking for professional development? If you wish to enroll in one of our public workshops, visit the Train the Trainer workshop schedule page. We invite independent professionals, managers, executives, front-line trainers, SME’s, teachers, and technical instructors to enroll in this program.

Training is a skill that needs to be honed. Most people who conduct training tend to teach the way they were taught, unless they have been shown otherwise. A typical training session consists of a lecture with an abundance of PowerPoint slides. We know that this format produces inferior outcomes. Training skills can sometimes be underrated and taken for granted. Often, trainers don’t know that they don’t know. But the proof is in the pudding. Unless you get extraordinary learning results in your programs, you know that there’s room for improvement. We encourage any form of professional development that helps you advance to the next level of training skills. We recommend that you check out our 2-day Train the Trainer curriculum and consider enrolling in one of our workshops.


As a company that conducts internal training, having your team acquire solid teaching skills can lead to the following benefits for your organization:

  • Faster learning cycle with higher comprehension
  • Less errors and misunderstandings in the workplace after training
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Improved job performance
  • Boost of self-confidence
  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Less resistance and objections to training
  • Increased sense of personal achievement
  • More cohesive team
  • Increased ROI on training efforts


Training for Excellence is a Train the Trainer company with global clientele. Our instructional methodology is crossing cultural boundaries and we have found that anyone, in any country or industry, who needs to impart information and knowledge to one or more people, will gain a profound perspective on training when attending one of our program events.


Have you ever attended a training that put you to sleep or at least made you tired? Probably more than once. Training can be energizing, fun, and lively if you know what to do. Regardless of the subject matter, our Train the Trainer classes unveil the secrets to creating a high energy, inspirational, and motivating training event.

When a training session is about to be embarked upon, one truth that is almost always overlooked is the fact that learners are typically not coming to a training prepared, ready, and receptive to learn. There’s a host of reasons for why this is the case. When you discover how to break down those barriers and get students/trainees into what we call “an optimal state for learning”, you will never backslide to old ways of doing things. It’s simply that powerful.


“A journey from our left brain training culture to a more informed and empowered right brain team that has the tools and encouragement to address the needs of adult learners.”
C. Weber

“It is an eye-opening course and it will teach you how to be a better presenter by providing you with specific tools to reach all learners in the audience. Donna was a fabulous trainer! The workbook is very useful in class and as reference materials.”
- M. Panait

“Powerful, invigorating, applicable.”
- E. St. Jean

“The course workbook is a great tool to use during the training, but most importantly, to have after the course as a reference tool. I will use it often.”
- S. Tanner

“Very interactive and participatory, unusual and not the typical lecture format, chunks of material that can be easily incorporated into existing training programs.”
- J. Claise

“I enjoyed the activities, they helped me remember the content—integration. Dynamic. Detailed techniques, but not boring. It was useful to understand the science behind left/right brain learning and how to teach to both.”
- J. Leger

“Many helpful skills were effectively taught. The instructor was exceptional. The courseware is excellent.”
M. Ricker

Here you can read more Testimonials and Train the Trainer reviews. Don’t take our word for it, but read what others have witnessed and experienced in our transformative programs.


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Training for Excellence provides on-site and public Train the Trainer courses, Presentation Skills Training & On-the-Job Coaching programs for training professionals, presenters, SME’s, instructors, coaches, mentors, executives, senior managers, and supervisors.